The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption

The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption in Sweden is party-political and religiously independent non-governmental organization (NGO), which is based in Stockholm but operates throughout Sweden.


We are a small association that works with the big issues. With us, you can find inspiration and education regarding how you as a consumer in your daily life, at your workplace or your company can take more sustainable and responsible choices through simple advice and tips.


We are not against consumption. It is a natural part of life that we must eat, transport ourselves to and from work, buy new shoes when the old ones are unfit, etc. What we have to try to improve is the over-consumption, which today is unfortunately widespread in Sweden and the world. The average Swede consumes as if we had 4,2 planets. We attempt to address this through numerous campaigns, initiatives and educational activities in order for more consumers to understand how their choices affect the environment and health. Our goal is that consumers will decrease their negative impact on the environment and health while increasing their positive social impact.

Our goal is for consumers to understand the effects of our consumption habits on the environment, our health, as well as the people who work in production. Many consumers are not aware of these connections, and that is why we exist – to spread awareness, information, science and research and inspire change.

Research shows that many people want to consume more sustainably, but often do not know how. We do. You can book us for a lecture, take a look at our advice and tips on our website or use our free service – Ekoguiden (the Eco Guide) in order to find cool eco-reco places in your city.


Movie by: Hampus Agélii, Reboar Lotfi, Pasi Antéro Ilvesviita.

We work without pointing fingers and we usually say that one should strive for reflection rather than perfection. We offer inspiration when we lecture and hold workshops in order to motivate and give you tools, not bad conscience. Read more about us here.


The association works to get the word out and provide information regarding responsible consumption in the media and we have had several years of cooperation with the train magazine – Kupé – Sweden´s most read magazine where we have provided sustainability tips to the individual consumer. Additionally, we continuously provide utterances and tips to consumers in nationwide, local media. Below, you can watch one of our performances in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (a Swedish TV-program).


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts, we are happy to help! If you are a journalist, we can offer a large network of competent experts – private people as well as professionals – in several sustainability areas that we are happy to connect you with.


Responsible Consumption is a democratic organization where its members together decide the guidelines and goals at the annual meeting that is held each year. All members have the right to vote at the annual meeting.

Thereafter, the associations board of directors is responsible for implementing the operations, according to what the members decided during the annual meeting.

The associations Swedish NGO number is 802440-6186.