If you are thinking about redecorating your home but want to shop sustainably look no further than Relove Me in Linköping. Located in a stand-alone building in the Hackefors area, Relove Me is a treasure trove of previously unwanted home furnishings that have been given a second chance.

Our editorial board for Ekoguiden in Linköping had the opportunity to visit the store to talk with the storeowner Matilda about her inspiration behind starting the business and how she comes up with her redesigning ideas.

Transforming old unwanted furniture into new treasures

Located behind the shopfront is Matilda’s workshop where she works on many different projects at once – taking old pieces of furniture and making them over into things that looks brand new. There is an abundance of furniture that has been dropped off by people who no longer wanted it. Customers also often bring in their own furniture to be renovated and restored, instead of going out to buy new products.

We asked Matilda how she got the inspiration to open the store to start renovating furniture.

I always wanted to do something good for the environment and open my own business – I taught myself how to repaint and reupholster furniture and it’s something that I have always loved to do.

Matilda has a creative flair that she uses to come up with unique painting designs for old furniture.

Sometimes customers bring in furniture with an idea in mind of what they would like, but sometimes I am able to be a bit more creative and come up with my own ideas that they end up loving.

Taking care of what you already have

Matilda also runs courses at her store so that she can teach other people how to make-over their old furniture so that they can also learn the skills to make their furniture have a longer lifespan. She currently offers classes in repainting furniture and old pots and hopes to eventually teach reupholstery skills as well.

She offered some advice on how to affordably extend the longevity of things you already own, including cheap furniture:

You can do simple things like use glue to make your chair-legs more sturdy, and shop for inexpensive furniture paints to give something a new look. It doesn’t have to be expensive to update or fix-up your furniture at home.

The importance of making sustainable choices when furniture shopping

In this day and age where it’s so easy and cheap to go out and buy a new piece of furniture, Relove Me offers a sustainable alternative so that customers can get that ‘new’ feeling without having to contribute to the damage of the environment. Instead of going out and buying newly produced home décor, customers can be inspired by Matilda’s ability to take pieces of furniture that may have once been overlooked as damaged or old-fashioned and turn them into something brand new.

Matilda’s premise behind Relove Me is grounded in a purpose of promoting eco-conscious living and consumption, whilst bringing timeless furniture pieces back to life through artistry and creativity. Taking a visit to the store will definitely inspire you to see what possibilities there are to decorate your home whilst being an eco-conscious consumer.

You can learn more about Relove Me at reloveme.se, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.