Get involved

With us, you have the opportunity to get involved through point efforts and according to the wishes you have as a consumer/member / engaged/curious. Perhaps you want to develop your administrative qualities? Or help during this year’s event, the Recycling Party? Maybe you are a fan of marketing, design, or photos and want to update our website? Or do you have theoretical knowledge you need to gain practical experience in? Contact us! Through us, you can also get involved locally in global issues and contribute to a more sustainable future through practice, our various projects, or the Eco Guide, read more below.

Social media

We have the ambition to grow a lot on social media shortly. Do you want to help us? Maybe you can fit as an administrator or moderator? It means that you will help us manage our social media channels. Either on a specific day or evening every week, or several days during a period when you have more time. You answer comments and delete messages or such that aren’t suitable. But it could also mean help producing content for our channels. Maybe you are good at making moving material for social media or formulating inspiring posts.


Are you attending an education or program with room for internship? We are always looking for dedicated trainees with an interest in sustainability and with specialized knowledge in different areas. Contact us at with information about your education, the period of the internship, what you expect from the internship and what you can contribute.


The lectures and courses are a huge part of our business and a fantastic way to reach more people. But we can’t offer as many lectures as we would have liked. Are you good at lecturing and have time to spend a few hours here and there on it? At the moment this type of business is handled digitally but, in the future, it can be both digital but also physical lectures.


We arrange some of our own events for example the Recycle Party where you can participate in the preparations in different ways. It could also be events that others arrange, such as a fair where we participate as exhibitors or similar. Then we can recruit members, inform them about a current campaign and tell people about the association.  

The eco reviewers/eco editors

If you want to contribute to more responsible consumption while learning more about environmental, fairness and consumption issues, you can also become one of our eco reviewers. As an eco reviewer or local editor, you can tip about cafes, restaurants, shops and other businesses with environmental or justice ambition. After an introduction, you get your own login information to the Eco Guide where you can publish your own reviews. You will also have the opportunity to create your own reviewer profile, education in the environment, consumption and ethical trade and a conscious network. You can also join and start up your own Eco Guide at your location. Email to find out more. Together we can make a difference!


Sofia Säljö
Commitment and fundraising manager