About us

The Association for Responsible Consumption in Sweden is a party-political and religiously independent non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is based in Stockholm but operates throughout Sweden.

  • Responsible Consumption is a democratically structured organisation where its members together decide the guidelines and goals at the annual meeting that is held each year.
  • Thereafter, the association´s board of directors is responsible for implementing the operations, according to what the members decided during the annual meeting.
  • The association´s organisation number is 802440-6186.


We are a small association that works with the big issues

We aim to create responsible consumers in the conversion to a smarter world, and our vision is a world of CIRCULENTS. We inspire and educate the general public, so that you as a consumer can learn how to make more sustainable and responsible choices. If so, in your daily life, at your workplace, or your company, through simple advice and tips.


We are not against consumption 

It is a natural part of life that we must eat, transport ourselves to and from work, buy new shoes when the old ones are unfit, etc. We try to improve the over-consumption, which today is unfortunately widespread in Sweden, as a Swede on average consumes if we had 4,2 planets. We attempt to address this through numerous CAMPAIGNS, INITIATIVES, and impact so that more consumers will understand how their choices affect the environment,  health and global justice.

Research has shown that many people want to consume more sustainably, but often do not know how – we know! You can book us for a LECURE, take a look at our ADVICE AND TIPS on our website or use our free service – EKOGUIDEN (the Eco Guide) in order to find cool eco-reco places in your city. Or you can use our CIRCULAR LIST to find businesses that offer circular products and services. We work without pointing any fingers and we usually say that one should strive for reflection rather than perfection. We offer inspiration when we lecture and hold workshops in order to give you tools, not bad conscience.


Our vision: A world of circulents

The Associations for Responsible Consumption strive for a circular planet. That is, a world based on a circular economy and where consumers are circulents*. The demand of the circulents controls the supply. And where it is an obvious choice and an obvious lifestyle to be a circulent. As a circulent, you are responsible for sustainable growth through your own responsible lifestyle. You see yourself as a user instead of an owner of things. In this way, more people can live better on the resources of the planet. To be a circulent is both simple and attractive.

We want Sweden to be an advocate within responsible consumption. On a broader level we want a world where everyone has knowledge of what is required for sustainable growth. Our compass is a healthy planet. We want, with our circulent perspektive, to be a co-creator to a circular world.

We also want people to have the right tools and knowledge with respect to the environment, health and global justice. This is described in goal 12, in Agenda 2030 for sustainable development; “ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature”.


“We create responsible consumers in the conversion to a smarter world”

The Association for Responsible Consumption wants to be a part of the solution for a sustainable world. The norm in today’s society is unsustainable consumption. Through our in-depth knowledge of the conditions of consumption and the effect on the environment, climate and human health and justice, we want it to be easier to make responsible decisions. With a regeneratively aim we want to establish circular behaviors. With the help of consumption and behavioral research, we provide concrete information that inspires and contributes to reflection and well-thought-out consumption decisions. We work to make more people a part of the solution – realised consumer power. Together we can influence and create change.

We think globally but act local because consumption is strongly connected to sustainable growth. We are guiding and driving for sustainable consumption in the paradigm shift towards a smarter world.


Do you want to be engaged in our organisation?

Through us you can get increased knowledge about the effects from consumption on environment, health and global justice. Our webpage offers ADVICE & TIPS about how you can change your everyday consumption to make a difference, as well as a LABELING GUIDE where you can easily compare various ecological labels that you find in the stores. To easily change your consumption habits we offer our web based local guide to fairtrade och eco conscious stores, restaurants and cafes EKOGUIDEN and our CIRCULAR LIST which offer you access to circular companies throughout Sweden.

Through us you can be engaged locally in global environmental and sustainable consumption challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future through volunteering, internships, thesis projects, our various projects or through contributing to EKOGUIDEN. By becoming a CIR:KU:LENT member you can easily show that you like our what we do.


Responsible consumption in the media

The association aims to spread information about responsible consumption in media and we have earlier had a multi-year collaboration with the train magazine Kupé – Swedens most read magazine, where we have given sustainability tips to the individual consumer.

We continually also give statements and tips to consumers in nationwide and local media. You are welcome to contact us with questions and inquiries, we love to help! If you’re a journalist we can offer a solid network of competent experts – private individuals as well as professionals – in several areas of sustainability to which we are happy to connect you.The Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption aims to inspire and help people make more sustainable consumption choices.