The Association for Responsible Consumption

The Association for Responsible Consumption in Sweden is a politically and religiously neutral non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is based in Stockholm but operates in all of Sweden.

  • Responsible Consumption is a democratically structured organisation where its members together decide the guidelines and goals at the annual meeting.
  • Thereafter, the association’s board of directors is responsible for implementing the operations, according to what the members decided during the annual meeting.
  • The association’s organisation number is 802440-6186.

Responsible Consumption exists for you, the consumer, and companies, to  help you navigate through the jungle that is “sustainable consumption”. We work without pointing fingers and think one should aim for reflection, not perfection. We offer inspiration in our courses and lectures to give you tools, not a bad conscience. Responsible Consumption is creating more and more responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world – a world of circulents. We believe in creating change through consumer power and want to inspire consumers to reflect and act in a more sustainable way, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and Sweden’s climate goals.


We are a growing association that works with the big issues

Our aim is to create responsible consumers in the transition to a smarter world, and our vision is a world of circulents. Instead of being owners of things, clothes and housing you are a user who swaps, borrows, repairs and shares. As a circulent you can contribute to a sustainable development through a responsible lifestyle så that more people can lead better lives off of the planet’s resources.

In our work we aim for a circular planet, where a circular economy and sustainable consumption is the norm. We offer inspiration and education to the general public, through simple advice and tips, so that you as a consumer can learn how to make more sustainable and responsible choices in your private life, at your workplace, or in your organization, .

Responsible Consumption wants to, through offering information, make it easier for everyone to make more responsible choices in regards to the climate, health and fair trade. We believe in consumer power and want to inspire you as an individual, company or organization to reflect and act.

We are not against consumption 

It is a natural part of life that we must eat, get to and from work, buy new shoes when the old ones are unfit, etc. We’re trying to reduce the overconsumption, which is unfortunately widespread in Sweden today. An average swede consumes if we had 4,2 planets. We are trying to change this through numerous Campaigns, Initiatives, and influence so that more consumers will understand how their choices affect the environment,  health and global justice.

Research has shown that many people want to consume more sustainably, but often do not know how – we do! You can book us for a Lecture, look through the Facts & Advice on our website or use our free services – the Eco Guide to find nice eco-friendly places in your city. Or you can use our Circular list to find businesses that offer circular products and services. We offer inspiration in our lectures and workshops in order to give you the right tools, not bad a conscience.


Our vision: A world of circulents

The Association for Responsible Consumption strives for a circular planet. That is, a world based on a circular economy and where consumers are circulents*. A world where the demands of the circulents control the supply. Where it is a natural choice and a natural lifestyle to be a circulent. As a circulent, you take responsibility for a sustainable development through your own responsible lifestyle. You see yourself as a user instead of an owner of things. This way, more people can lead better lives off of the resources of the planet. To be a circulent is both easy and attractive.

We want Sweden to be a role model when it comes to responsible consumption. We want to see a world where everyone has knowledge of what is needed for sustainable growth. Our compass is a healthy planet. We want, with our circulent perspective, to be co-creators to a circular world.


“We create responsible consumers in the conversion to a smarter world”

The Association for Responsible Consumption wants to be a part of the solution for a sustainable world. The norm in today’s society is unsustainable consumption. Through knowledge about the conditions of consumption and the effect on the environment, climate and human health and justice, we want it to be easier to make responsible choices. We aim to establish circular behaviors through a regenerative method. With the help of research on consumption and behavioral, we provide concrete information that inspires and contributes to reflection and well-thought-out consumption decisions. We’re working to make more people a part of the solution – consumer power in action. Together we can influence and make change.

We think globally but act local with the approach that consumption is strongly connected to sustainable growth. We are a driving force toward sustainable consumption in the paradigm shift towards a smarter world.


Do you want to be engaged in our organisation?

Through us you can get increased knowledge about the effects consumption has on the environment, health and global justice. Our web page offers information on how you can change your everyday consumption habits to make a difference. In ordet to actually change your consumption habits we also offer free tools – a web based eco guide and our circular list. Through the eco guide you can find stores, restaurants and cafés with an eco-friendly and/or fair profile in your city. The circular list offers you access to circular companies in Sweden.

You can also get involved and contribute to a more sustainable future through volunteering or an internship. Read more here. You can also support our work by becoming a member!


Responsible consumption in the media

The association aims to spread information about responsible consumption in media and we have had a multi-year collaboration with the train magazine Kupé – Swedens most read magazine, where we have given sustainability tips to the individual consumer.

We also continually give statements and tips to consumers in nationwide and local media. You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or inquiries, we love to help! If you’re a journalist we can offer a solid network of competent experts – private individuals as well as professionals – in several areas of sustainability who we are happy to put you in touch with.